System26 Cannulated Screw System
Foot&Ankle, Trauma / Foot & Ankle / Forefoot, Hand and wrist, Hindfoot, Midfoot


The System26 screw range has been designed to help clinicians treat an array of extremity conditions that require surgical intervention. The System26 Foot & Ankle range has been configured to meet the specific needs of lower extremity clinicians enabling the treatment of simple to complex Forefoot, Midfoot and Hindfoot procedures, which require bone fixation.

System26 has been designed to facilitate compression at the fusion site and offers self-drilling and self-tapping, headless and headed, screws from 2.0mm to 8.0mm in diameter, with cannulated and non cannulated options, in a range of lengths and thread variants. The comprehensive instrumentation and implant sets offer modularity and simplicity so that surgery can be carried out effectively and efficiently across a range of Foot & Ankle indications, with one system.

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