MAXLOCK™ EXTREME™ DFX™ Distal Fibula Plates
Foot & Ankle, Trauma / Foot & Ankle / Forefoot, Hindfoot, Midfoot


The Distal Fibula plate is designed to match the morphometry of the fibula lateral malleolus for fixation of Weber type A, B and C fractures.

Key Benefits

  • 4 sizes: Small- 87mm long with 4 proximal holes Medium- 100mm long with 5 proximal holes Large- 115mm long with 6 proximal holes XL- 171mm long with 10 proximal holes
  • 9.2mm wide proximally
  • 18.4mm wide distally
  • 1.8mm thick proximally
  • 1.5mm thick distally
  • Syndesmotic slots facilitate fixation in the correct anatomic location and allow for anteriorly angulated screw placement
  • 18mm length max for 4 distal screws
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