Anatomic Radial Head Solutions
Trauma / Upper Limb / Radial Head


The Acumed Anatomic Radial Head System is designed to provide an anatomic implant to replace the patient’s native radial head.

Designed in conjunction with Shawn W. O’Driscoll, Ph.D., M.D., the system includes 290 head and stem combinations including standard stems, long stems, an anatomically shaped radial head, and system-specific instrumentation to help streamline the surgeon’s experience in the operating room.

In addition to the Anatomic Radial Head System, the set may include the Acutrak 2 Mini and Micro instruments and the Locking Radial Head Plate System at the base of the tray to provide multiple solutions all in one set.

• Replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities presenting pain, crepitation, and decreased motion of the radiohumeral and/or proximal radioulnar joint with joint destruction and/or subluxation, resistance to
conservative treatment.
• Primary replacement after fracture of the radial head.
• Symptomatic replacement after radial head resection.
• Revision following failed radial head arthroplasty.

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