Organizational design is the key in the operating room for patient safety. Proper positioning can make all the difference making able to use less invasive techniques that can improve patient outcomes and speed up recovery.  Advanced surgical techniques and workflows are essential for good patient outcomes. If the operating room is equipped right, the surgical team will have to worry only about the most important thing – their patient.

USA launches a new surgical table called Maquet Yuno II. Maquet Yuno II is specified for performing the sophisticated procedures of orthopedics, traumatology, and neurosurgery. It is very easy handling. The work in the operating room and the products setup simplifies thanks to it. Maquet Yuno II is the foundation for high- class techniques. Maquet Yuno II can be configured for any discipline which will bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to patients of various sizes.  One of the configurations Maquet Yuno II can propose is the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA). DAA is used for hip procedures and shoulder arthroscopies.

The operating table allows to do a hip score positioning even for very tall patients using the elongation adapter, the latter increases the range of possible procedures. Maquet Yuno II accessories enable to do up, down abduction and adduction, external and internal rotation of the leg. Maquet Yuno II improved imaging possibilities for shoulder surgery. Due to extension accessories, Maquet Yuno II can enable access to the tibia in different, improved angles.

The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body, that’s why it requires an enormous amount of force to fix fractures. The smart design of the carbon fiber infrastructure reduces the complexity of femur setups and improves the surgical workflow.

Traumas like pelvic fractures require urgent treatment, because of the extensive bleeding. The operating table can reduce treatment time, which can be a survival factor for pelvic injuries. It provides excellent imaging access for pelvic fractures, flexible prone, supine and lateral positioning.

Maquet Yuno II ensures exceptional stability for neurosurgery via cast iron three-point stand and automatic lock function of the complete device, which eliminates accidental table movements.

Maquet Yuno II is a must for operating rooms, because it is the right choice for minimally invasive techniques, it is easy to quickly configure in any position surgeon needs, even with limited staff on call and lastly, it’s a cost-effective resource, because it has been created as a universal table, convenient for every procedure.