DePuy Spine, Inc on the 46th annual meeting of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS),  announced the worldwide launch of the award-winning VIPER® 3D MIS correction system. This one is the first surgical instrumentation system designed specifically for the minimally invasive three-dimensional correction of complex spinal deformities.

Praveen Mummaneni, MD, one of DePuy Spine’s design consultants who works at the University of California, San Francisco, said:

“The VIPER 3D suite makes complex corrections through small incisions less challenging and should help surgeons offer the minimally invasive option to more patients.”

This new surgical instrumentation is the world’s first minimally invasive deformity system that allows the surgeon to treat the entire thoracolumbar spine minimally invasively and provides surgeons with the confidence and control required to address a wide range of spinal pathologies with minimally invasive approaches; besides it is designed to allow complex surgery to be done percutaneously to treat complex pathologies.   

It is well known that Spinal surgeries usually require the surgeon to work through a reduced surgical field with limited visibility. In general, several instruments are necessary for this procedure.

When we talk about minimally invasive procedures we’re are talking about fewer complications, pain, infection rates and yield quicker recovery than traditional open spine surgery. The VIPER® 3D MIS Correction Set facilitates many kinds of reconstruction and correction, this set has specialized instruments for easy insertion of multilevel bars with a rotation of 360 °, which allows a greater range of movement and therefore greater capacity for action, allowing the surgeon to have a greater range of motion in their surgical procedures. So this may be a treatment option for a spinal disorder, chronic back pain, and neck pain.

As this type of interventions become more popular, there is a significant need to simplify minimally invasive surgeries techniques and develop new tools that can improve their effectiveness, DePuy Synthes has a big range of products that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures, and this variety gets bigger and innovative over the years.

Recently, VIPER 3D received two prestigious awards; received the Edison Award for Best New Product ™ 2011 for innovation in the category of science and medicine, and the Johnson Medal, a Johnson & Johnson Award for its excellent science and technology for its contributions to a product through innovation, impact of the patient and the perseverance to achieve success.